How to Play Nintendo DS Games On Android

Did you know your Android phone can play Nintendo DS games as well? You can do this by using an emulator app. NDS4Droid is a no-cost and open source DS emulator, can be run through your phone using a few apps, including NDS4Droid available from Google Play.

NDS4Droid supports save states and Open GL rendering. However it’s still in its early stages. It is possible that you cannot play certain games such as Pokemon due to the slow DS emulator even on the most expensive phones. The good thing is that performance improvements are often made to the application.

This guide will help you understand how to make use of the emulator to play Nintendo DS Games on Android.

Step 1.

Google Play provides NDS4Droid, an emulator for Android. It’s free and installs directly on your smartphone without issues.

Download the.apk file directly onto your desktop and then copy it to your phone. Transfer it by connecting your phone to your computer via the USB cable. Browse to My Computer, and look for the SD card icon on your phone. Copy the.apk from your desktop computer onto the SD Card. To install the emulator onto your smartphone, download an application from third parties such as Andro Zip.

Step 2

A BIOS file will be needed.More Here At our site This file won’t be included with the app. The developers are aware of the legal risks of such files, and will not bundle it in their applications. You can’t play any game using the emulator without it.

Step 3.

In addition to the BIOS file, you’ll need a ROM file of your preferred gaming game. (Make sure that the game is original.

The file must end with „.nds“. The emulator can support .nds the ROM format, however it can also extract compressed archives such as .rar as well as .7z files.

Step 4

You can copy ROMs to a folder under the SD card’s icon. You can use the smartphone’s USB mass storage feature to transfer game data.

The folder should be named „NDS Games“ to ensure ease in navigation. Start your emulator, navigate to the folder, and locate the ROM. Double-tap to play. You can use the virtual buttons to play in-game characters.

Note: NDS4Droid’s emulators can make phones slow. This is not because of the app. It’s your phone’s CPU. The CPU of newer, higher-end phones is much more powerful than older ones. However, this won’t allow you to play your favourite games at peak speed. It is necessary to have 3 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU on your desktop in order to play these games at their maximum speed.

Top Emulators for Playing NDS Games on Android Devices

NDS4Droid is not the only app that allows you to play Nintendo DS games with your Android phone. They’re currently in beta phase and will be continuously improved with fixes and enhancements that improve emulators. Here is a list of the most popular NDS emulators on Google Play.

1. DSDroid

The initial purpose behind this application was to speed up games on low-end Android phones. The emulator has been fully revamped. The app plays games such as Pokemon at frame rates between 5 and 7 frames per second. It is completely free to download and plays full-screen games.

2. AndsEmu

AndsEmu is another excellent app. It lets you run your favorite apps. It’s user-friendly and has key settings for graphics like V-sync to ensure smoother gaming. This emulator is a modified version the NDS4Droid program and boasts outstanding performance. This emulator allows you to play NDS on your phone and tablet.

3. DSoid

This paid app offers dynamic recompilation. The greatest feature of this paid application is that it can play games like Pokemon Diamond fairly well, however, speed remains an issue. DSoid is more efficient than other free apps, such as AndsEmu and DS Droid. The developer could also add a microphone function to allow gamers to speak commands while playing games in video.

All of them are capable of running NDS games on phones provided you follow this guide.

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